24th, 25th & 26th Sept 2019


Working agribusiness plans

From the 20 sessions across 2 days and a separate day of agritourism to well established and profitable farms, you will be able to tap into the high-value agro-ventures.

Tap into enabling networks.

We shall have meet and network lunch sessions where you will interact with the enabling networks in the agriculture industry from financing to knowledge bases and market options.

Embracing Value addition options

Let our captains of industry take you through the most viable value addition options to ensure your perfect access to markets with the best price with a better shelf life for your harvest.

Access to regional markets.

Captured in sessions by key pillars in the export industry come learn what you need to acquire, do or avoid and where to sell through the regional markets networks available for your produce.

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With over 15 industry key players in agribusiness come tap into their vast knowledge, experience and networks.

What you need to know about high value products

Tap into the less tapped but highly profitable agribusiness ventures.

It’s your opportunity to embrace high-value agro-products so as to step out of the seasonal competition and share from the huge demand

  • Master the fruits you need to grow through a working depth of business plans
  • Why herbs and spices are on high demand and a better option
  • Horticulture is great, have you thought of aquaculture profit margins
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What happens after the summit.

Practical Agri-tour to profitable farms.

You will have two full days of training and acquiring knowledge at the summit, however, the day after the summit we shall visit highly profitable farms to share within the practical skills and implementations.

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